Help us win

We’re not like the Tories. We don’t rely on massive donations from big business and other wealthy donators. But what they’ve got in wealth, we’ve got in people. People like you, who want Scotland to be strong, fair, and inclusive.

So how you can help Toni to win Edinburgh West?

You can donate to our Crowdfund to help finance our campaign. Just head over to our Crowdfunding site and give what you can.

We need people to work as well. There’s leafletting to be done, houses to canvass, and stalls to manage. If you can help with any of these, please get in touch. We’re a friendly lot in Edinburgh West – you’ll be most welcome.

And a word about canvassing. If you’ve never done it before, you’ll find it’s much more fun that you think. It’s great comparing canvass returns with your fellow canvassers, and seeing how many people are going to vote for us!

You won’t have to do it alone either. We go in pairs, so even if you’ve never canvassed before in your life, you’ll be with an experienced canvasser who’ll show you the ropes.

There’s not long to go now, so come on, give us a hand and ensure Toni Giugliano wins for Edinburgh West.