Angus Robertson, former SNP deputy leader, has launched a new polling organisation called Progress Scotland. One of the key tasks of the organisation will be to examine the changing attitudes among certain groups of people who voted No in 2014.

Angus explained that the new organisation, which he has launched with experienced pollster Mark Diffley, wants to find out to why older voters, EU nationals and voters who were born in the rest of the UK, but who have settled in Scotland, were less inclined to vote Yes and what arguments might persuade them to change their minds.

Progress Scotland aims to help prepare the case for Scotland to progress towards independence, keeping pace with the views of the people who make their lives here. It will research the opinion of people in Scotland and test their appetite to emulate the most successful small countries in the world. It aims to provide insight and analysis on what is needed to persuade people on the case for Scotland to make progress.

You can help Progress Scotland by subscribing. There are 3 fixed subscriptions available: £2 per month, £5pm and £10pm.