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Welcome to the website of the SNP Edinburgh Western branch. The constituency of Edinburgh Western covers an area stretching from South Queensferry to Silverknowes in the north, to Newbridge to Corstorphine in the south.

Visit our new website, www.yes.scot to sign the independence pledge, download Yes materials and get active.

The Independence Referendum Bill

The Independence Referendum Bill

Independence Referendum Bill: what you need to know The Scottish Government has published legislation to pave the way for a new referendum on Scottish independence. What does the bill do? It sets the rules for any future referendum held by the Scottish Parliament...

5 reasons to vote SNP at the EU Elections

5 reasons to vote SNP at the EU Elections

Scotland’s future lies in Europe. A vote for the SNP is a vote to make clear Scotland says No to Brexit. Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. It’s a democratic outrage that we’re now being dragged out against our will. Brexit will be bad for Scotland –...

Nicola Sturgeon Launches Independence Campaign

Nicola Sturgeon Launches Independence Campaign

The First Minister, in a speech to the Scottish Parliament this week, referenced the Scottish Claim of Right, when she announced plans to hold an independence referendum before May 2021, the month in which this term of Parliament ends. In the speech, Nicola Sturgeon...

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Elected Representatives

Two SNP councillors serve the Edinburgh Western constituency: Lord Provost Councillor Frank Ross and Councillor Norman Work.

Of the six MEPs returned by Scotland to the European parliament, three are SNP members: Alyn Smith MEP, Christian Allard MEP and Aileen McLeod MEP.

Norman Work

Councillor, Almond Ward

Frank Ross

Councillor, Corstorphine / Murrayfield Ward
Lord Provost

Alyn Smith


Christian Allard


Aileen McLeod


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