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Welcome to the website of the SNP Edinburgh Western branch. The constituency of Edinburgh Western covers an area stretching from South Queensferry to Silverknowes in the north, to Newbridge to Corstorphine in the south.

Writing a Scottish Constitution

Writing a Scottish Constitution

Scotland has never had a defined national constitution. Globally, there are two countries which have no constitution – Israel and New Zealand. And, of course, the 3 countries and the piece of Ireland which are within the United Kingdom today, don’t independently have...

Scotland’s Exports Continue To Grow

Scotland is one of the strongest economies in the world, with advantages and resources few nations can match. For centuries, Scotland’s exports have reached every corner of the globe – and our trade performance continues to grow and strengthen. Here are five things...

How the SNP Stood Up For Scotland in 2018

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the ensuing chaos in Westminster, and while the Tories and Labour are caught up in bickering and infighting, the SNP MPs consistently stood up for Scotland. Here are just a few examples. Nicola Sturgeon challenged toxic Tory...

Sleekit UK Government spikes Continuity Bill

Earlier this year, the Scottish parliament passed the Continuity Bill. This was to ensure that powers held by the EU that would normally be devolved to our Parliament (like agriculture and the environment for instance), would return to the Scottish Parliament upon...

No such thing as a good Brexit

The UK government has published its economic review of the consequences of leaving the EU. The worst-case scenario is dire, with GDP – the measure of the entire economy – estimated to fall by 10.7 per cent. GDP – or Gross Domestic Product – is a measure of the size of...

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Elected Representatives

Two SNP councillors serve the Edinburgh Western constituency: Lord Provost Councillor Frank Ross and Councillor Norman Work.

Of the six MEPs returned by Scotland to the European parliament, two are SNP members: Alyn Smith MEP and Ian Hudghton MEP.

Norman Work

Councillor, Almond Ward

Frank Ross

Councillor, Corstorphine / Murrayfield Ward
Lord Provost

Alyn Smith


Ian Hudghton


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